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For over two years, I have experienced the hacking of all my computing equipment and harassment in various forms. The new phones and computers I've purchased are hacked at the moment I set them up for the first time, and with the last desktop, after I "secured" the BIOS, and before I loaded the operating system. In all cases, my equipment was corrupted despite not having connected to the internet. This is a life disrupting situation, and after many futile requests for help to the FBI, technology vendors, and the police, I've decided to make something out of this. 

Through this space, I intend to share my story, and the cybersecurity knowledge, tools, news and policies that I am learning about. I believe other people are going through similar situations, and as of today (beginning of September 2021), I think our cases are the beginning of a new form of organized persistent harassment that is intended to diminish and disable us. 

If you are experiencing persistent hacking of your computing equipment, or other type of harassment  that is intended to diminish your freedom, potential, and good quality of life, please join me so that we may:

  1.  tell our stories and build awareness on the variety of these forms of suppression
  2. learn to free ourselves from these intrusions and crimes
  3. get organized and mobilize to affect
    1. policies, regulations, and institutions that are effective in bringing about equipment that is reliably secure
    2. responsibility and accountability from the vendors who provide us with computing equipment
    3. tangible support from the government and policing institutions whenever we are victims of persistent hacking and online harassment

Mine is a long and complicated story that I don't want to abbreviate for the sake of describing the content I will produce; but the "Pizza Problem" episode from the DarkNet Diaries Podcast is a real life example of the problems I will be covering. In it, Jack Rhysider tells us the story of Miles, a web designer, who through coercion by a cybersecurity professional surrendered a coveted Instagram handle:

So, tightened up your firewall, patch up the operating system of your phone and computer, and I'll write soon. 


Last seen: January 20th 2022
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