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Max J. Lewy (1983-) is a philosopher of madness residing in the U.K., with a degree from Warwick University, His main influences are Nietzsche, Plato,  & The Bible. According the numerological Kabbalah System, the numerical value of his birthname "Max James Lewy" exactly equals 888, making him, in Christian terms, an incarnation of "The Word".

He is also a published, prize-winning poet, with a slightly old-fashioned style & taste; -- his favorite poets are Edgar Allan Poe & Charles Baudelaire.  

His favorite contemporary authors are Jordan Peterson, Howard Bloom & Michel Houellebecq.

My work offers a celebration of multicultural, cosmopolitan blending of society, & erotic break down of boundaries in which robust egoism, personal & inter-personal harmony,  an ecstatic over-flowing of ego boundaries & traditional identities, & intermingling of ideas, tastes & vibrations  happily & truly co-exist in serene, peaceful equanimity, but without the poisonous envy, wicked resentment, destructive hatred & gross violence, the rank materialism,  bad taste hypocritical speech policing, & vile, dangerous, naive, oppressive, ruthless Statism of  the present-day Left (& certain strands of Islam).  

Last seen: October 16th 2021
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