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Stephen Blackwood is the founding President of Ralston College, a new institution of higher education in Savannah.

He was born in Alberta and grew up as the eldest of ten siblings on a family farm in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Convinced of the transcendent freedom and innate dignity of the human being, he has a deep sense that the achievements of the past — of art, music, architecture, literature, philosophy — can speak to and illuminate us, and that this cultural inheritance exists for all of us.

Blackwood learned a great deal from a handful of remarkable teachers at King’s College (BA), Dalhousie (MA) and Emory (PhD), and he had the privilege of spending time at some of the world’s finest universities (Cambridge, Paris, Harvard).

He believes nonetheless that most colleges and universities (along with many other cultural and political institutions) have lost their way, and that new beginnings are necessary to the forms of education, community, and culture on which the life worth living depends.

His writings and lectures range from the seminal figures of Western culture (Plato, Boethius, Dante) to the questions of our contemporary intellectual, political, and cultural life. He has written for the Wall Street Journal, the National Post, The New Criterion, and Quillette. His first book, a reflection on memory and pattern as fundamental to freedom and self-possession, was published by Oxford University Press.

He heartily welcomes thoughtful engagement of all kinds — comments, criticism, questions, humor, corrections, insights and ideas, inspirations from art, music, architecture, philosophy, religion, history, theology, psychology, culture, epigrams and personal anecdotes, as well as passionate disagreement, and anything else offered in good-faith conversation —  here on thinkspot.


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