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Not sure when I’ll devote time to dealing with TS’s sense-lacking profile photo guidelines. Apparently all my photos are invalid sizes lol. Digital editing is not my major. *salute*

what you have here is a female born of lower income status and raised by the Caucasian side of my family as the African ambassador for bringing a relationship between me and his family decided he has a valid reason to leave the state he conceived me in and assume it is my responsibility to go to him (at least that’s what he seemed to convey to me before he hung up on our phone call). Maybe I’ll tell that full story in its own post some time.

and my goal is merely to be as honest as I can manage, learn valid truths, share what I’ve learned, and that’s really about it. I don’t do social media otherwise. I guess I’m just a student 👩🏽‍🎓 can’t deny it.

I wouldn’t try to bully me. I’ve got that all my life because I happen to catch the attention of everyone from the boys everyone wants (except me lol) to the people who think they might make some money off me and so far have only tried doing so through taking advantage of me. See, I’ve had a lot of practice defending myself, and I accurately refused to waste too much time building my defenses up by physical means. I don’t want to make people want to kill themselves as much as I don’t want to be bullied, so please think carefully before you decide to address me directly. Some sensitivity to the facts I've presented would be very much appreciated. Otherwise, well, you’re not walking into this blindly, and I wish you the best.

I have friends literally all around the world. I’m always glad to welcome more. If you wanna help me learn more Japanese, German, French, and Russian, that’s a thing I do. We can chat about travels, psychology, (be honest with yourself if you choose to respond to something I say about) religion, philosophy, some gaming and even some random things like gardening, camping, festivals, theme parks, museums… (am I covering a “type” iyo yet?). The list goes on past what I know, so yeah we might dig up something together.

Take care til then eh? 🤙🏽✌🏽


Last seen: August 6th 2021

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