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I started to write books because I wasn't finding what I wanted to read.  I like books that make me think, that inspire me to fill out the world with what could be done there.  Tomorrowverse is a series of novels and short stories to explore the technological innovations that are preparing to throw  us into an unknown and in many cases unknowable future.  

Much like Star Trek did for generations of young viewers, I hope Tomorrowverse can give a positive vision of what can be, even as times seem dark.  We stand at a pivotal moment in time, where we can enter a future of unparalleled success and prosperity or go down the dystopian nightmares of Orwell's 1984 or Huxley's Brave New World.  

It is my fervent hope, that if people have the time to think about what kind of world they want to build, we can reclaim our future from those who would censor, and silence, and eventually eradicate true diversity of thought, and diversity of world view. If I can in some small way help present the choices for a brighter future, then I will have done what I can to bring about a brighter world.

More importantly in the short term though, is for you to enjoy, think about, and join in the magic.

Last seen: December 3rd 2021

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