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Back in 1999/2000 I left college after my first year at Penn State. It felt like a waste of time and money to spend being told what to think as opposed of how to think productively, especially since what was being taught was so obviously fallible and easily proven so, although I was not encouraged to do so, to put it nicely. In addition to that, I was not supportive of the predatory nature of the banking industry, the politicians, and the universities for prostituting the American dream to the public with the student loan scam. We will suffer the horrendous blowback for their reckless greed for at least a generation, if not two or three, due to the useful idiots that it created and pushed out into the world in various positions of authority. 

So, since then I have spent my life observing human nature and quietly pondering a multitude of subjects that seem to be part of an increasingly interconnected lattice/fractal/shapeless structure. Ever changing, never static, the beginning and ending sharing points throughout its existence. It is truly beautiful and invigorating to witness the synergy of it all, as well as entertaining in regards to predicting the outcome of events in the present due to humans reactions to outside influences and the motivations that form their perception of reality, and the narrative that they try to push. 

I am a machinist by trade, I enjoy the outdoors and the lessons that the natural world provides, as well as the explanations and understanding of such by seeking out answers for myself, backed by science. There is a wonderful world out there, filled with metamechanic, metaphysic, metamathmatic, etcetera, lessons to be learned, and I intend to learn as much of it as I possibly can. I am utilizing this website to simply write down my thoughts and observations, and to receive feedback from others about the various topics that I find interesting. I look forward to conversing with everyone on here, and offer a preemptive thank you for helping me direct my process of ongoing improving.

With much gratitude, 

David M Minski

Last seen: May 25th 2021

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