The Word on Fire Bible Q&A/Discussion

  • Jun 15, 2020
  • 06:00 Pacific Time (US & Canada)



Bishop Barron and Stephen Blackwood will mark the launch of the Bishop's Word on Fire Bible with an in depth discussion of the project and its dynamic, interdisciplinary content.

Be sure to submit your questions before the conversation is recorded on June 12th.

"Two years ago, Bishop Robert Barron announced in a podcast that his ministry, Word on Fire, would be publishing a study bible aimed at opening up the Bible’s message to a modern audience. Since that time, Word on Fire has been quietly working to bring the project to press. Today, they announced that the first volume of this study bible is scheduled to be released on June 15th. See this link for the promotional site. So far, there are few details on what translation the bible will use, or what the study resources will be like."

- Catholic Bible Talk

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