Krishna Or Christ?? A challenging interview with a Hare Krishna

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ChristopherValdes Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jul 31st, 2021


Who should we worship, Krishna or Christ? This challenging interview with a Hare Krishna, whos full name is Brihat Mridanga Das, was my first such in interview with someone who I could confidently say was a committed devotee of their faith, which is becoming increasingly rare in our commitment adverse society. He was distributing literature on the Hare Krishna faith and I immediately knew I had to speak to him and get to know and understand his faith a little more. This kind of dialogue is helpful to peel away the layers of ignorance that we all have regarding other faiths, and while its uncomfortable to have your own faith challenged, which happened to me more than once in this interview, its important to face that challenge with the assurance that if your faith is true, than all challenges and doubts brought against it should be welcomed, discussed, and worked through faithfully. This discussion left me no less assured that Christ is the true and only way to God, but it also left me with a deepened respect for the admirable reverence that Hare Krishna devotees have for purity and holiness, which is something that our culture is lacking in ways that causes more harm than we can keep up with.

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