True Vs False repentance

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ChristopherValdes Logo  fiber_manual_record  Sep 15th, 2021


A great deal of misinformation exists about true biblical repentance, and in this video, we will be discovering what is true vs false repentance, and why the difference is literally one of life and death. This is pt 2 pf my discussion with a lady named Shantina, who had a few notions of God and the bible that were less biblically informed as they were informed by her lifestyle, which is simply an increasing occurrence that pervades western spirituality, and westernized 'Christianity' as well.

Its easy to single out the comforting aspects of a faith like Christianity, mix in a few appealing elements of other religions, and construct for yourself a mish mash of different beliefs on your spiritual quest , but we forget that the fulness of life can only be found in the fulness of truth, and Christ on multiple occasions claimed to be that truth, and in that truth their is commands that rightly cut through and confront every part of our hearts and minds, such as the command to take up our cross and follow him. Christ calls us into His life, but we first must undergo a death, and this death has an intimate connection with the nature of biblical repentance

Link to Pt 1 with Shantina:

Did Christ die to make us rich?

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