Who goes to hell and why? Interview no 9

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ChristopherValdes Logo  fiber_manual_record  Oct 5th, 2021


The main question I get asked when talking to people about the gospel almost always ends up being about---who goes to hell and why? People of today are very much opposed to the idea that there so evil that a good God would send them to hell. A lot of people find an eternal hell unjust and irreconcilable with a loving God--but the issue must be probed at a deeper level, free from our emotional response to hell, and into what is actually true of the God, [in whose presence no unholiness whatsoever can survive], whose deemed such a place to be necessary. This topic is explored for some length in this video, as well as the issue of the unevangelized, or the fate of those who have never heard of Christ. Answering these questions are not easy, but answering them to the best of our ability, as Christians, is commanded--1Peter 3:15

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