From the bottom up with Kmele Foster [S2 Ep.33]

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Conversations With Coleman Logo  fiber_manual_record  Oct 17th, 2021


Welcome to another episode of conversations with Coleman. My guest today is Kmele Foster. Kmele will be known to many of you as the co-host of The Fifth Column Podcast which is one of my favorite podcasts. He's also the co-founder of a media company called Freethink, and a former co-host of The Independents on Fox Business Network. This episode was sort of a post mortem on two other recent episodes, the one with Christopher Ruffo, and the one with David Hogg. Kmele was one of the co-authors of a New York Times op-ed, critical of the anti CRT laws that Ruffo had a hand in writing. And it seemed to me that that piece had misrepresented the content of those laws. So we spend the majority of the conversation talking about anti CRT laws in general, that op-ed in particular, and the wider conversation about indoctrination in K–12 education. Towards the end of the podcast, we make a hard pivot and discuss gun control, because Kmele is a proud gun owner. Many of you didn't like the podcast with David Hogg because he's not a gun violence expert. And that's true, of course. But I just want to make it clear that this podcast is not reserved for experts. If you have 1.1 million followers due to your activism on some topic, that's reason enough for me to have a conversation with you. Kmele is also not a gun expert by any means. So if you're upset by that, you can consider this your trigger warning. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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