The Climate Cure with Tim Flannery [S2 Ep.42]

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Conversations With Coleman Logo  fiber_manual_record  Dec 20th, 2021


My guest today is Tim Flannery. Tim Flannery is a monologist and paleontologist. He was the chief commissioner of the Australian Climate Commission and Chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council. He was named Australian Humanist of the year in 2005 and Australian of the Year in 2007. He is currently a fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at the University of Melbourne. Tim is also the author of his new book "The Climate Cure: Solving the Climate Emergency in the Era of COVID-19" In this episode, we talk about the Glasgow Climate Change Conference and where the world is at with respect to our carbon reduction goals. We also talk about the trade-off between industrialization in developing nations and reducing carbon emissions and whether we're in the midst of a sixth mass extinction. We go on to discuss whether climate change is making natural disasters worse, the efficacy of lifestyle changes, like becoming a vegetarian, and much more.

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