Woke Capital with Marc Andreessen

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Conversations With Coleman Logo  fiber_manual_record  Mar 9th, 2023


My guest today is Marc Andreessen. Marc is an entrepreneur, venture capital investor, and software engineer. Marc co-founded Mosaic, which was the first widely used Internet browser, as well as Netscape. He also co-founded Opsware and Ning. He is on the board of Meta, and his most important achievement is that he's the first billionaire to ever appear on this podcast. 

Marc and I talk about venture capital as a whole and why VC firms on average fail to outperform the stock market. We talk about the role of hierarchy in companies and the possibility of having a truly flat structure where every employee is of equal rank. We talk about George Orwell's book "Homage to Catalonia". We talk about why corporations go woke and why Marc resists that trend. We talk about the maladaptive qualities that have helped him succeed in the VC world and we talk about his long-term vision for his VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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