The Carousel Podcast: Jake Adelstein

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disgracedpropagandist   Mar 26th, 2024


Very special guest Jake Adelstein, author of the gonzo memoir behind the fantastic HBO MAX show Tokyo Vice. Last week I wrote a piece on the show, an expanded version of a very viral tweet about why MAX doesn’t market it.

Jake has a great new podcast from Campside Media called The Evaporated about Japan’s epidemic of missing people. Both suicide and intentional disappearances are very common in Japan, where the stigma of social shame can be overwhelming.

I’d also like to direct readers to his follow up to Tokyo Vice, Tokyo Noir, available on Scribe. After his stint as a reporter, Jake took a job in corporate intelligence, doing so-called due diligence in the private sector. Tokyo Noir tracks this adventure as well as the real reasons for the rapid disappearance of the yakuza.