Tough Love Ep. 06 - Who Is The Angel Of The Lord?

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This episode of Tough Love is an exhaustive deep dive into the being known as The Angel Of The Lord, and the mystery surrounding who He is. We will be dissecting the various encounters with this awesome being as they are laid out in the Old Testament. As always, the Berean challenge (Acts 17:11) applies to every episode of TL. So don't just take my word for any of this. Do your own research and see if what you've been told is so. Enjoy, and give it a share!

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District Four by Kevin MacLeod



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Strong’s Concordance References

Strong's H3068 – ְי ֹה ָוה - Yəhōvâ – (transliteration)

I. Jehovah = "the existing One"

A. the proper name of the one true God

i. unpronounced except with the vowel pointings of H136

Strong’s H136 - ֲא ֹד ָני - 'ăḏōnāy – (transliteration)

I. my lord, lord

A. of men

B. of God

II. Lord - title, spoken in place of Yahweh in Jewish display of reverence

Strong’sH6382-ֶפֶּלא -pele'-(transliteration)

I. wonder, marvel

A. wonder (extraordinary, hard to understand thing) B. wonder (of God's acts of judgment and redemption)

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