731 - Crypto, Inflation, Housing, Cities and Talent with Tyler Cowen

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James Altucher Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jul 8th, 2021


What are the future states of the cities? Will Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum replace Fiat money? Is inflation happening, and how will it affect us? What is the future of housing? Is the South East the new West? In this episode, Tyler Cowen, an American economist, came back on to answer all my questions. Will New York City come back? How can we save the city? What happened when the rent moratorium expired? Which tier 2 or perhaps tier 3 cities are people moving to? Is crypto here to stay (in what form or shape)? Listen to this episode, and feel free to let me know what do you think? I write about all my podcasts! Thanks so much for listening!

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