741 - You can't just be something, You have to do something! with Brandon Webb

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James Altucher Logo  fiber_manual_record  Aug 18th, 2021


Brandon Webb, former United States Navy SEAL, and SEAL Sniper course Head Instructor, New York Times bestselling author, Experimental aircraft pilot, and Entrepreneur, always wanted to be a fiction and novel writer. This time, he did it. He wrote a novel called Steel Fear: A Thriller, and he even manage to auction it off to Peacock TV! I am so impressed by this, so I decided to call him up, and asked him how he did it. How to write a non-fiction book, how to defy all the naysayers, and do what you wanted to do and believe in it! Listen to this episode, and see how Brandon made it all possible! I write about all my podcasts! Thanks so much for listening!

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