777 - Unni Terrettini (Part 1): How to battle loneliness?

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James Altucher Logo  fiber_manual_record  Oct 14th, 2021


Loneliness is a very real and terrifying feeling. Loneliness doesn't necessarily mean that you're on an empty island or alone in an empty city. It could occur when you're in a new environment, or you feel like you're not "fitting in" in the new social group! In this episode, I have Unni Terrettini, writer, lawyer, citizen activist, and international speaker, on to not talk about Nobel Prize Winner, but about loneliness. What is loneliness, and how to battle loneliness? Unni was also kind enough to give our listener a deal to her course as well! They also get access to my community with live Q&A calls for two months for FREE. Also, a FREE guide to get out to loneliness, which you can download at any time: Listen to this Part 1 out of 2, and Part 2 will come out the same day too! I write about all my podcasts! Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe.

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