812 - Michael Hearne: The Future of Crypto

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James Altucher Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jan 13th, 2022


It has been a wild ride in Crypto World in the past couple of years! There are kids and teenagers making million and million of dollars from NFTs, Crypto, and even metaverse! I was so fascinated by what's been happening in the Crypto world, I have Michael Hearne, The Founder of Decentral Publishing, and the host of Uncensored Crypto Podcast come on to tell me more about what happened in the past few years in the crypto world. He even made a 9 Parts docu-series called Uncensored Crypto which you can watch to help you understand more about the future of Crypto! In this episode, we also talked about why NFTs? What is the future, and uses for NFTs? And also, what is Metaverse? Why are kids, and teenagers just sitting at home, making money in Metaverse? Remember to sign up to watch the 9-parts docu-series to learn more about the crypto space! It’s a free pass to the world premiere of Uncensored Crypto, a new docuseries featuring 56 industry insiders sharing their predictions for 2022 and beyond. And… They’re giving away $5k in Bitcoin to one lucky viewer… and another $5k in altcoins for people who take part in the world-premiere fun and games. I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned. Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe

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