Master the Art of Persuasion and Win Every Argument | Mehdi Hasan

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Are you tired of always losing arguments? Do you find it challenging to persuade others to your point of view? Look no further than today's episode with Mehdi Hasan, renowned news anchor and author of Win Every Argument: The Art of Debating, Persuading, and Public Speaking. Mehdi reveals the secrets to mastering the art of persuasion using the proven techniques from the book, emphasizing the importance of empathizing with your audience and tailoring your arguments to their needs and desires. By using phrases like "I understand how you feel" and "Let's work together to find a solution," you can create a sense of rapport and trust that will make your argument more convincing. Mehdi also emphasizes the importance of backing up your claims with facts and evidence, using words and phrases like "research shows" and "studies have proven." Additionally, he explains how the power of storytelling can captivate your audience and make your argument more memorable. This conversation is not just for those interested in politics or public speaking, but for anyone looking to improve their communication skills and win arguments in any situation. Tune in now to learn how to use the language that will make your argument irresistible. ------------ Visit to read our idea lists & sign up to create your own! My new book Skip the Line is out! Make sure you get a copy wherever books are sold! I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned. ------------ Thank you so much for listening! If you like this episode, please rate, review, and subscribe to “The James Altucher Show”

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