Rebuilding Higher Education for the 21st Century | Brian Keating

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James Altucher Logo  fiber_manual_record  May 16th, 2023


Dr. Brian Keating - the Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor of Physics at the Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences (CASS) in the Department of Physics at the University of California, San Diego - has been working in higher education for 25 years. Still, today he's facing an identity crisis. Brian has become disillusioned with how the university and accreditation system is organized, and he's looking to reinvent how higher education looks, costs, and interacts with students. In recent years, Brian has branched out into the media world, authoring multiple non-academic books and blogs, hosting the Into The Impossible podcast, and cultivating a following of 115k followers and growing. Today's conversation revolves around Brian and James' ideas for new higher learning frameworks, focused on remote and metaverse learning and the concept of virtual mentors - 3D-rendered avatars of interactive historical figures built using large language models and natural language processing. Enjoy this fascinating conversation with one of our favorite guests about one of the topics he holds closest to his heart. ------------Visit to read our idea lists & sign up to create your own! My new book Skip the Line is out! Make sure you get a copy wherever books are sold! I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned. ------------ Thank you so much for listening! If you like this episode, please rate, review, and subscribe to “The James Altucher Show”

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