The conversation with Galileo Galilei with Dr. Brian Keating

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James Altucher Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jun 23rd, 2022


Have you ever thought about why Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer, physicist, and engineer willing risks his life to speak out about science against the will of the church at that time? How was science back then? So, our dear pod friend, Dr. Brian Keating, an American physicist, podcaster, and author, came on to talk about his project of making the first-ever audiobook that was written by Galileo Galilei, and we also brainstorm on how we could better monetize the projects and future projects! Visit to read more idea lists, or sign up and create your own idea list! My new book Skip The Line is out! Make sure you get a copy wherever you get your new book! I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned. Thank you so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “The James Altucher Show”

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