One Shared World Q&A with Jamie Metzl

  • Sep 22, 2020
  • 05:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada)



Join Jamie Metzl for a live Q&A at 5pm EDT on September 22nd as Jamie discusses the first annual One Shared World Interdependence Summit: RISE OR FALL TOGETHER:

About One Shared World

Scheduled to give a talk on genetic technologies at the March 17, 2020 Singularity University global COVID summit, Jamie Metzl switched gears that morning to instead discuss what he felt was a more burning issue. Calling the COVID-19 pandemic another symptom of the dangerous mismatch between the global nature of our biggest common threats and the national way we have organized ourselves to address them, he argued that only a structural response could solve this structural problem. He then called for people around the world to come together to build this better future. The YouTube video of that talk went viral:

That first meeting, held April 1, 2020, included people of many different backgrounds and levels from 23 countries on five continents, all recognizing a shared responsibility to fix our broken world. After Jamie outlined his vision for this movement’s potential, the group explored next steps and developed focused action plans to move a common agenda forward. To realize these aspirations, working groups were established to address the following questions:

- What lessons can we learn from other experiences of popular democracy and global campaigns?

  • - How can we best include and engage the younger and older generations?

  • - How can we utilize a network of networks approach to best leverage existing communities that could be allies and partners?

  • - How can we best connect with people who may be outside of these networks due to poverty, national political contexts, lack of internet access, etc.?

  • - How can we best engage creative communities and best embrace arts and culture in our work?

  • - How can we best articulate what we mean by global interdependence and frame our vision?

  • - What is the best process and architecture for building our community and movement?

  • - How should we think about funding our work?
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