Arise O God - A Cosmic Vision of the Gospel | with Fr. Andrew Damick

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Jonathan Pageau Logo  fiber_manual_record  Sep 17th, 2021


Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick is Chief Content Officer of Ancient Faith Ministries. He has been podcasting since 2007 and is host of the Orthodox Engagement, Amon Sûl, Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy, and Roads from Emmaus podcasts, and co-host of The Lord of Spirits and The Areopagus Podcast.

Today we talk about his new book, Arise O God: The Gospel of Christ’s Defeat of Demons, Sin, and Death (see link below). It is a very interesting and succinct introduction to a more cosmic and narrative vision of the Gospel and it captures much of what he and Fr. Stephen De Young have been discussing on the Lord of Spirits Podcast.

We discuss what motivated Fr. Andrew to write this book, the cosmic VS sales-pitch visions of Christianity, the cosmic reality of demons and becoming “like the angels” and individualism and spiritual progress. In the second half we also talk about Fr. Andrew’s studies of mythology, pagan literature, and modern VS ancient paganism. Enjoy!

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