Beyond Order Jordan B. Peterson Montreal | Host: Jonathan Pageau

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We had the honor of having our dear friend Jonathan Pageau host this Beyond Order lecture in Montreal on May 23rd, 2022. Jonathan opens the show by describing how he first heard (and subsequently met) Jordan. This event, then, serves as a continuation of the conversations they first had. Throughout this hour-and-a-half-long event, Dr. Peterson and Jonathan Pageau discuss perception, symbolism, values, and the relationship between perception and the cognitive scientist’s attempts to understand consciousness.


0:00 — Intro

4:55 — Dr. Peterson enters the stage

8:00 — Perception, Cognitive Science, and the problem of bodyless AI 

11:30 — The visual cliff experiment & perceiving the world

18:30 — The awe of infinity & complexity of the Heavens 

21:00 — Awe, imitation, & why humans celebrate

28:00 — The role of sacrifice & delaying gratification

32:00 — Egyptian gods & ancient symbolism

36:00 — Pyramids vs. mountains in The Bible

44:00 — The cost of not aiming properly 

52:30 — Bottom-up vs. top-down conceptualizations of the world

57:00 — Sam Harris

1:05:00 — Why the Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity types are taking on STEM 

1:10:00 — Is it possible to create values from scratch? Nietzsche, Freud, & Jung

1:16:00 — Why go to church?

1:22:00 — Q&A

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