Oh, the Humanities! | Stephen Blackwood | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast -S4:E42

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This episode was recorded on May 18th 2021.

Dr. Stephen Blackwood: Philosopher, cultural critic and founder of Ralston College. 

Jordan Peterson and Dr. Stephen Blackwood discuss his work as a founder of an inner-city youth program and his experience with developing Ralston College in Savannah, Georgia. They have a rich discussion about the philosophical underpinnings of human flourishing, the University and the humanities, the spiritual-intellectual crisis of our times, and more. 

Dr. Blackwood specializes in the history of philosophy and dedicates a large portion of his work and studies to the ancient Roman philosopher-poet, Boethius. He was one of the founders of St. George's YouthNet in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is the founding president of Ralston College.

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