S4 E47: Sex and Dating Apps | Rob Henderson | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

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Jordan Peterson Logo  fiber_manual_record  Sep 22nd, 2021


Rob Henderson is a US Air Force veteran, Ph.D. student in evolutionary and social psychology, and prolific writer. Dr. Jordan Peterson and Rob Henderson exchange ideas about the impact of luxury beliefs on the different socioeconomic classes, polyamory, and the idea of the patriarchal institution. Dr. Jordan shares his experience with Henderson as they discuss psychopathy and its relationship with dating apps. Check out this episode to listen to what they have to say about pornography, defunding the police, the role of sex, the consequences of reproductive technology, and much more. Rob Henderson, a veteran of the US Air Force, is a Ph.D. student in evolutionary and social psychology at the University of Cambridge. He also got his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Yale. His writing appeared in worldwide newspapers like the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Quillette. Currently, he is writing a memoir to be published in late 2022.

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