S4E33: The Meaning of Music | Samuel Andreyev

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Jordan Peterson Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jun 25th, 2021


This episode was recorded on 2/8/2021

On this Season 4, Episode 33 of the Jordan Peterson Podcast, Jordan was joined by Samuel Andreyev. Samuel Andreyev is a Canadian composer. He writes music for orchestras, soloists, chamber groups, singers, and other ensembles throughout Europe and the world. He also hosts the Samuel Andreyev Podcast, a professor at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg. He is also known for his YouTube Channel, presenting an analysis of works that he believes are interesting and important.

Dr. Jordan Peterson and Samuel Andreyev discussed skills needed to be successful as an artist, where to start if you want to compose music, the hierarchy in western music, the relationship of music and language, the importance of genres, tips on learning composition, how having a family is helpful to his career and more.

[0:18] Jordan introduces this episode's guest, Samuel Andreyev

[3:30] Why Sam started a YouTube Channel

[10:00] You need an array of skills to be successful as an artist

[21:00] Why Sam left Canada and the differences from France to Canada

[17:30] A typical week for Sam as a teaching composer and the importance of creating purposeful focus and discipline

[39:00] Direction in music; tension versus relaxation and stability versus instability

[40:00] Examining the "B Side" of Abbey Road by the Beatles

[01:17:00] The importance of genres in creating a listener expectation

[01:24:30] Finding an audience

[01:33:30] What musicians have to teach people

[01:06:00] Identifying with genres

[01:10:00] What you need to know to become a successful artist

[01:15:30] Tips on learning composition

[01:19:00] Can having a family be helpful to your career?

[01:24:30] Productivity goals

[01:28:00] Where you start if you want to write music

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