Free Speech in Sweden is Canceled for Islamist Critics #2

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mikaeluman Logo  fiber_manual_record  Aug 29th, 2020


Follow-up to my previous video. The attack on free speech in Sweden. Police and the courts denied the right to public assembly critiquing Islam in the entirety of southern Sweden (Skåne/Malmö).

A small group of members of Danish anti-immigration party "Stram Kurs" (tight course) crossed the border and held the unlawful public assembly anyway. The kicked soccer with the quran and proceeded to set it on fire in a ghetto (Swedish newspeak: "socially vulnerable area") on the outskirts of Malmö.

The answer was 300 people rioting, setting cars on fire, burning tires in the middle of the road and attacking the police with stones and bricks. The situation was not under control until 3 AM when the violent rioters headed home.

Riots in Sweden following burning of the Quran:



Press-release stating no demonstration against Islam is allowed in entirety of Malmö:


Decision to deny entry to Rasmus Paludan into Sweden for 2 years by police - citing him as a "major threat" (to what?):


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