119. The Trans Debate, Surviving PTSD, and the State of American Humor | Yannis

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Mikhaila Peterson Logo  fiber_manual_record  Oct 6th, 2021


In this episode, Mikhaila hosts Yannis Pappas who shares his experience of getting shot, quitting comedy to recover, and returning. The two discuss surviving COVID, personality traits, PTSD, panic attacks from serious trauma, and this rapidly changing world. After Yannis shares his daily routine pre and post COVID, he provides advice to young comics. Yannis Pappas is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcast host from Brooklyn, New York. The “Long Day” podcast host is widely known for the characters of Mr. Panos and Maurica. He also co-hosted an award-winning series and a sports comedy show in addition to participating in festivals around the world. If you enjoyed as much as I did, make sure to subscribe!

———————————— Show Notes ———————————— 

[0:00] Intro 

[02:34] Surviving COVID-19. 

[04:34] Yannis's background. 

[04:56] Lexipro, neuroticism, and psychopaths. 

[06:36] Yannis and Mikhaila discuss potential danger. 

[07:29] Shows in NY and club requirements. 

[10:14] Country music and moving out of Canada, Austin, and Nashville. 

[13:53] Yannis’s started in comedy and getting shot. 

[19:01] His SNL audition and suffering from PTSD post shot. 

[21:16] Mikhaila's panic attacks during hospital visits. 

[22:41] Yannis responds to the idea of panic attacks. 

[24:24] Being a social worker for 9/11 victims. 

[26:00] Dr. Jordan’s Peterson personality test. 

[26:37] The two types of personalities Yannis has seen in comedy. 

[28:49] How evil operates according to Yannis. 

[29:11] Yannis’s return to comedy. 

[30:49] Pappas’s advice for young comics. 

[31:09] How Yannis writes his comedy sets. 

[33:53] Successful comedy expectations. 

[34:08] Yannis’s view towards public rejection. 

[34:38] How comedy is universally changing quickly. 

[35:57] Yannis’s opinion on humor nowadays. 

[39:01] The story of an MMA trans woman fighter choking out a woman. 

[42:27] Yannis’s perspective towards freedom in America. 

[44:52] Mikhaila’s thoughts on attachment. 

[45:43] Yannis's favorite comics. 

[49:37] Yannis’s daily routine and the changes during COVID. 

[54:05] Yannis's future plans and the Chinese Communist Party. 

[58:08] Wrap Up.

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