120. Leaving the Cult of Wokeness | Africa Brooke

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Mikhaila Peterson Logo  fiber_manual_record  Oct 13th, 2021


In this episode, Mikhaila hosts Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Africa Brooke. Africa shares her experience with writing her viral article. She offers some insight on how to be conscious of one's actions and finding their authentic voice. In addition to discussing wokeness, they also delve into politics in connection to religion, in-group preference, and accepting other perspectives. Check out how Africa was influenced by Dr. Peterson in this episode.

Africa Brooke is a London-based Consultant and Mindset Coach that wrote a letter entitled: "Why I’m leaving the cult of wokeness", which has been read by over four million people. Africa aims to help people restore their dignity and define their values and boundaries as entrepreneurs or any individuals who require a mindset rewire. If you enjoyed this, be sure to subscribe!

———————————— Show Notes ———————————— 

[0:00] Intro

[03:16] "Why I am leaving the cult of wokeness.", an excerpt from a viral article read by Mikhaila.

[04:19] Africa Brooke's background.

[06:15] The start of Africa’s letter and its impact.

[07:10] Africa's beliefs before writing this letter.

[09:28] How Africa realized her actual values.

[16:15] Africa’s experience and reaction with people doubting her.

[22:51] What drove Africa Brooke to write the letter.

[25:20] Suggestions on switching directions when you know your decision is wrong.

[27:43] The idea that all white people are racist and in-group preference.

[35:25] When politics becomes a religion.

[39:17] Listening to different people's views.

[40:41] How Africa reflected on her voice.

[48:20] When Africa started listening to Dr. Peterson.

[51:26] Dr. Peterson and Marvel Comics.

[53:03] Africa’s personal consequences post-viral letter.

[59:24] The acknowledgment of the positive responses from her letter.

[01:05:23] Wrap Up.

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