134. Opposing Views: AI - Destiny or Doom?

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In this episode of Opposing Views, Mikhaila has o author and tech/media entrepreneur Andrew Keen and Professor Jürgen Schmidhuber to discuss the threat of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Andrew Keen is the author of “How to Fix the Future” and several other books. He directed and wrote “How to Fix Democracy” (2020) and is the host of the popular podcast “Keen On Capitalism.” Jürgen Schmidhuber’s goal since 1987 has been to build a self-improving AI – an AI “smart” enough to upgrade itself, which would cause the singularity (the point when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible). Professor Schmidhuber’s deep learning neural networks are used on billions of devices, billions of times a day. After making their cases on AI, our guests dig deeper into the questions we are all wondering about: Will AI spare us? Can AI surpass the human brain? Would it have enough computing power? If you enjoyed this conversation, be sure to subscribe!

———————————— Show Notes ————————————

[00:00] Intro

[01:09] Andrew Keen’s view of AI

[01:31] Will robots see us as obstacles?

[04:37] Will AI be an issue for people automating their jobs? AI & Job Automation

[07:38] Kinds of AI

[08:34] Can governments do anything to stop AI?

[10:20] What China did to address big tech

[11:54] The Chinese digital Orwellian State

[14:03] European Immigration & the Dysfunction of American Government

[15:32] Can America be fixed?

[17:15] AI on the phone

[18:52] Will machines outthink humans? Should they be able to?

[22:04] "The real problem with AI isn’t AI itself – it's who owns it" Andrew Keen

[25:20] The people behind AI

[27:28] A better government model than China’s

[30:58] Mikhaila introduces Jürgen Schmidhuber

[31:55] Will AI get too intelligent and consider us part of the problem?

[37:01] AI at war

[41:17] How AI learns

[45:41] Lab tests for robots

[48:07] "In the not-so-distant future, we’ll have cheap little computers that can compute as much as the human brain" - Jürgen Schmidhuber

[49:03] Are robots generally built around this pain experience?

[52:30] Are people building bigger and scarier AI robots?

[54:14] Can robot learning be transferred?

[55:51] Robots & Jobs

[59:14] Will there be a privacy issue if governments control AI?

[01:04:46] "Privacy as we know it might be doomed. In fact, some of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind were for the purpose of surveillance" - Jürgen Schmidhuber

[01:06:15] Is more surveillance the natural progression of a complex society

[01:09:10] When data gets into the wrong hands

[01:11:59] Is there a way to ensure positive use of AI?

[01:17:27] AI & Medicine

[01:20:03] What happens when AI has more brains than us?

[01:26:23] Calculating the brain’s computational power

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