146. Is The Red Pill Community Right About Marriage, Sex & Dating? | Vincent

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Vincent Harinam is a data scientist, law enforcement consultant, and frequent writer on the modern dating market for publications like Quillette. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, where he currently teaches. In this episode, we chat about unsettling dating statistics, the manosphere, what (wo)men find desirable, and the bridge between data science and law enforcement.

_____________ Chapters _____________

[0:00] Intro

[3:35] Harinam's Career & Personality

[5:59] Data Science & Law Enforcement

[11:08] Husband-Outearning Women

[14:02] 'Dark Gentlemen’

[16:38] Agreeableness, Wage-Gaps, & Personality Tests

[19:38] IQ & Marriage

[23:08] Desires vs. Availability

[24:34] Relationship Backlash

[26:39] Changes in Mate Selection

[28:16] The Red Pill, Manosphere, & Rollo Tomassi

[32:54] Fixing the Sexual Marketplace?

[37:33] Simps, etc.

[41:07] Game Theory

[42:57] Understanding Statistics

[43:14] Replication Crisis

[43:50] Geeks vs. Nerds

[46:17] Vincent the Crime Solver

[46:59] Inside Healthy Relationships

[59:35] Top 2 Things Humans Have

[1:00:53] The Future of Western Dating?

[1:03:03] How Societies Decline

[1:06:32] Outro

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