150. Wokeism, Advice to Teens and the Dangers of Casual Relationships

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Mikhaila Peterson Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jun 10th, 2022


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[0:00] Intro

[3:08] Jordan’s Sports Illustrated Tweet

[14:10] Frans de Waal’s Discoveries with Primates

[17:29] Infants, Caregivers, & Predators

[31:58] Feminine Temperament, PC Studies, & Personality

[35:51] The Feminine Ethos in Society

[38:49] Agreeableness & Manipulation by Dark Triad Types

[42:59] Ideal Personality Combinations for Relationships

[46:17] Sexuality, According to Google

[51:37] Casual Relationships

[54:26] Meaning of Sexual Shame

[56:06] Hook-up Culture

[1:00:20] Advice for High School Grads

[1:04:48] Self-Authoring Suite

[1:09:40] Violating the Non-Contradiction Principle

[1:11:25] Outro

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