How To Get Over Your Ex | Guy Winch - MP Podcast #111

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Mikhaila Peterson Logo  fiber_manual_record  Sep 15th, 2021


Mikhaila and Guy Winch spill the deets on relationship heartbreaks. Trauma and heartbreak are not to be underestimated, as Guy Winch explains in his expert opinion. To be able to have a future healthy relationship, Winch explains the healthy way to deal with a breakup and how to be fully conscious and comfortable with the other partner. If you’re still hung up on your ex or struggling with your current relationship, listen to what Winch has to say in regards to trauma and therapy. Remember to subscribe if you want to save the heartbreak tears


Guy Winch is the host of the Dear Therapists podcast who advocates for psychological health. Individuals, couples, and families reach out to him for help in enhancing their mental health, especially post-breakup. The author of the Emotional First Aid book offers his patients coping tools that merge science with emotional healing.

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