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Paulo Freire and the Critical Theft of Education

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New Discourses Logo  fiber_manual_record  Aug 5th, 2022


The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 88

Critical Education Theory Series, Part 19

This episode of the New Discourses Podcast continues a long miniseries exploring Paulo Freire’s landmark 1985 book The Politics of Education: Culture, Power, and Liberation (, and it is embedded in the broader Critical Education Theory series ( In the previous part (, James Lindsay presented the ideas in the eighth chapter of that book, in which Freire describes "The Process of Political Literacy" and outlines a sweeping program for education as a means to remake Man himself. The previous parts of this series, covering the earlier chapters of the book can be found here, here, here, here, and here.

In this episode, James takes up the ninth chapter of The Politics of Education, wherein Freire describes what he calls “Humanistic Education,” as that term is meant by Karl Marx Building on the themes of the previous two chapters (education for conscientization [] and education as a process of political literacy []), this chapter clarifies how Paulo Freire enabled the theft of education from all potential learners for the purposes of Marxism. It's an incredible crime against humanity. Join him to understand how Freire enabled the theft of education from our society and our children.

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