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Paulo Freire's Politics of Education and a New Hope

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New Discourses Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jan 14th, 2022


The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 63

Critical Education Theory Series, Part 3

How did Wokeness come about? Here on the New Discourses Podcast, we've dedicated hours and hours to uncovering the roles of neo-Marxism (or, Critical Marxism; or, Critical Theory), postmodern Theory, Marxism, Hegelianism, and other dimensions of Leftist thought. The role played by Critical Pedagogy, and in particular the Marxian Theory of Paulo Freire, has not been fully discussed, however. The role played by this line of Marxian thought cannot be ignored, however, because, as James Lindsay puts it in the forthcoming book Race Marxism, Critical Pedagogy is the plow, planter, and fertilizer that enabled Wokeness to grow in the first place. This is evident when we understand Freire's line of thought on the purpose and approach to education, but what's less well understood is the aspect of faith and hope ("Critical Hope") Freire brought back into Marxian Theory. In this episode of the New DIscourses Podcast, join James as he dives into the introduction to Paulo Freire's 1985 book, The Politics of Education, in order to better understand Freire and his influence. This podcast is the third in the developing Critical Education Theory series on the New Discourses Podcast and the first of many focusing on the figure and thought of Paulo Freire.

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