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Stop Doomscrolling | OnlySubs with James Lindsay, Ep. 96

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New Discourses Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jun 7th, 2022


Stop doomscrolling. Stop. Just stop. It's not good for you. It's not helping. It's not research. It's not even making you more aware of what's going on in the world. So stop it! Doomscrolling is a term for fairly obsessively scrolling through social media or search engine results looking for more and more reasons to believe the world is falling apart, and it is worse than useless. It's not productive or informative. It's distracting and anti-productive, paralyzing instead of motivating, demoralizing instead of educational. So don't do it. Instead, if you're so inclined, pick something you're interested in and good at and start digging down doing actual research and learn to present that material in ways others can benefit from. This is the advice I'm offering on this episode of my subscribers-only podcast, James Lindsay OnlySubs. Come check it out!

-James Lindsay

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