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What Is Racial Literacy?

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New Discourses Logo  fiber_manual_record  May 20th, 2022


The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 77

Critical Education Theory Series, Part 13

A common term of art in the current educational milieu is racial literacy. In fact, here is the giant and influential educational company Pollyanna, Inc., talking about how central racial literacy is to their K-8 education programs. What is racial literacy, though? As you will not be surprised to learn, it is the racial repackaging of Marxist education Theorist Paulo Freire's critical literacy model using Race Marxism (Critical Race Theory) in place of Critical Marxism (Critical Theory, or neo-Marxism). In this episode of the New Discourses Podcast, James Lindsay explores racial literacy in the words of two of its own scholars, making clear how shoddy their so-called "research" really is, at bottom, and that, in fact, "racial literacy" means the priority of the Race Marxification of education, which merely takes Freire's Marxist education project (Critical Pedagogy) one step further. Join him to gain the confidence you need to understand this concept and push back against it when you see it in your kids' schools.

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