How Sin Entered the World

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Pastor Luther Walker Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jun 27th, 2021


All humans die because of one man’s actions; however, we cannot blame him for staying in that condition. Through Christ, God deals with this sin and death by reckoning Christ’s death and resurrection to us through faith. The end result will be that all who take God at His word will be raised from the dead and never face death again, just as Christ was raised from the dead. Because God puts His resurrection to our account now, we as Christians do not need to wait until we are resurrected to live out our resurrected life. We have access to it now. Now we can live a life that manifests the character of Christ. Love other saints, be content with what you have, have an unruffled mind, hold your anger against unreasonable people, make others feel at ease, do that which is beneficial, be true to your word, keep the objectivity of your mind on Christ, and know how to properly possess your body. For against such actions there is now law

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