Fireside Chat Ep. 192 — Disturbing: Iowa School Documents Leaked

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PragerU Logo  fiber_manual_record  Jun 25th, 2021


The Iowa public school system has MANDATED Critical Race Theory and Dennis reviews a shocking document that the state’s teachers are forced to use. You won’t believe the things it paints with a “white supremacy” brush.

0:00 Otto Thanks You

0:45 Iowa School System Documents Leaked

3:02 “Make America Great Again”

6:19 “Denial Of White Privilege”

7:51 “Euro-Centric Curriculum”

9:37 “Mass Incarceration”

10:40 “Celebration Of Columbus Day”

12:06 Where Are All The White Supremacists?

15:22 Black Americans Have It Great

18:46 Biology Major Couldn’t Define Life

21:30 How Does Dennis Experience God?

25:04 Some Thoughts On Friendship

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