S08E05 - Marksman Mastery: Unveiling the Secrets with Ed Bonawitz & Chris James

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Robert "RSnake" Hansen   Mar 18th, 2024


In today's episode, I dive into an engaging conversation with two of Texas's most remarkable sharpshooters, Chris James and Ed Bonawitz. Despite their unassuming demeanors, Chris and Ed stand out as exceptional talents in the realm of shooting, leaving me intrigued by their unparalleled skills. This discussion explores their journey into becoming adept marksmen, shedding light on their perspectives on training regimes, media portrayals, the firearms industry, competitive shooting landscapes, and much more.

Chris and Ed share valuable insights into weapon and optics selection, their training philosophies, and how they've navigated the often-misunderstood world of firearms with a level of expertise and mindfulness that's rare to find. Although our time was cut short, leaving many stones unturned, this episode offers a glimpse into the minds of two extraordinary shooters, revealing the discipline, dedication, and passion that drives their excellence. Sit back and get ready to delve into a conversation that transcends the ordinary, with Chris James and Ed Bonawitz, two extraordinary citizens redefining precision and excellence in shooting.

0:00 Intro

1:03 Chris and Ed's backgrounds

4:38 The arc seriousness

18:13 Political leanings

21:28 The catalyst for training

34:55 Being gear-centric and your why

45:58 Why us and not others

52:19 Self-defense

58:51 Training

1:03:04 The martial arts

1:17:26 Police and military skill levels

1:25:16 The why and competitive sports

1:42:14 Speed vs accurate

1:58:52 Self confidence

2:04:15 Technical problems

2:09:00 Preferences

2:13:00 Sight selection and concealment

2:37:29 Hollywood

2:46:10 The industry

2:51:02 Pandemic policy changes and new enthusiasts

3:04:04 Outtro