S08E07 - Mastering User Experience: Elevating Brands with CXO David Ewing

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Robert "RSnake" Hansen   Mar 16th, 2024


In this insightful episode, join us on a deep dive into the world of user experience with David Ewing, the Chief Experience Officer of Motiv. David unravels the complexities of crafting compelling user experiences and how brands can authentically personify their corporate values through marketing and sales. We explore the delicate balance between leveraging a brand’s voice effectively and the pitfalls of its misuse, especially in today’s digital landscape where cancel culture looms large.

David sheds light on the nuanced ways companies can communicate with customers, ensuring their message resonates positively and aligns with their core values. We discuss strategies for using brand voice as a powerful tool in crisis communications, navigating the challenges of public perception, and the impact of these efforts on customer loyalty and brand integrity.