S08E08 - Thinkers and Drinkers

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Robert "RSnake" Hansen   Mar 16th, 2024


Today was a fun conversation with Ian Perry and Chris Gerritz. We took on the task of doing an in-person version of Thinkers and Drinkers. During the interview we drank 3 ciders, one beer and a bottle and a half of whiskey - so we took the task seriously. We discussed the format for their group, why it works, the rules but we also decided to take on two topics as a test. We first discussed if the Internet is inherently "good" and then we took on abortion. It was a complicated and interesting discussion that I think we handled well while inebriated. And don't worry, I got them an Uber home after. So with that, say a prayer for our livers and please enjoy this drunken adventure with Ian Perry and Chris Gerritz.

0:00 Intro

3:03 Thinkers and drinkers cadence

6:18 Discourse and starting the group

16:43 Incivility

19:26 Logical fallacy of appeal to authority

27:45 Moving the Overton window

32:57 Choosing topics and popular topics

36:60 Thinkers and drinkers podcast

39:06 Asking the hard questions and contrarians

44:39 The flow and the rules of the meetings

59:44 Conversational tools

1:24:43 Doing a Thinkers and drinkers on the show - bad cut

1:27:36 Is the Internet inherently good

2:01:41 Abortion debate

2:35:57 How it went and why it works

3:11:30 Growing the group

3:27:17 Outtro