Christian Movies, Nicolas Cage, and Say Goodnight Kevin | The Kevin McCreary

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The Babylon Bee Logo  fiber_manual_record  Aug 20th, 2021


On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan talk to Kevin McCreary from Say Goodnight Kevin. They talk about the art of making fun of Christian movies, Nicolas Cage in Left Behind, and the state of Christian art. Kevin created his channel back in 2014 for a way to help people think for themselves on movies. He has grown his audience by taking apart Christian movies and still remaining a Christian. One of his featured videos gives a breakdown on How to Make a Christian movie. Kyle and Ethan find out about some of Kevin’s more obscure reviews like Lego Passion of the Christ. Kevin goes into why Christian movies are not trying as hard since they know the audience goes for the message instead of looking for a good story. They talk about how Christian filmmakers are afraid of their own audience misinterpreting things and how this holds back from making a good story.

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