How Democrats Cause Homelessness and Poop on the Street | A Bee Interview

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The Babylon Bee Logo  fiber_manual_record  Dec 14th, 2021


Micheal Shellenberger joins Ethan and Adam to talk about how Democrats are destroying cities with terrible policies, better ways for clean energy, and why there is so much poop on San Francisco's streets. Michael recently wrote the book SanFran-Sicko, where he details how Progressives are ruining major cities. He has written other books, including Apocalypse Never, where he details policies that can realistically give cleaner energy without all the wokeness attached. Ethan and Adam find out from Michael some new ways to make fun of San Francisco, besides there just being poop in the streets. Michael shares in detail how these progressive mayors have been slowly destroying cities. He gives his distinction between shelter and housing and why its relevant to these policies. Ethan and Adam play a game where they take turns being the most extreme on both sides of a political issue. Ethan and Adam get Michael’s take on major cities in the U.S. and what could be done to fix them. Michael shares about how defunding the police has done for cities, such as Portland. Michael details how Seth Rogen tweets have become out of touch with reality. Ethan and Adam end the interview with the ever great 10 questions.

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