THE BEE WEEKLY: Biden’s First Year and The Viking Heart

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The Babylon Bee Logo  fiber_manual_record  Feb 6th, 2022


The Babylon Bee remembers the first year of Joe Biden’s Presidency since he might have forgotten it and also talks to historian Arthur Herman about how to be more like the Vikings, but not the football team. The Bee also has an exclusive statement from Justin Trudeau, Weakly News from Adam Yenser, and an inside look to this week at The Babylon Bee. Check out Arthur Herman’s latest book The Viking Heart. This episode is brought to you by Faithful Counseling. This episode is also brought to you by Enduring Word Bible Commentary. Kyle played board games, Adam went to Montana, and Dan’s roof blew away in a windstorm. A subscriber makes it possible for The Bee to launch our subscriber-exclusive audio yacht. There’s a banger and bomb article of the week, stuff that’s good, and an exclusive statement from Justin Trudeau brought to you only by The Babylon Bee. Adam Yenser brings Weakly News and then The Bee remembers Joe Biden’s first year of being President because it’s possible that he doesn’t quite remember all of it. Then Kyle and Adam talk to historian Arthur Herman about pointy helmets, conquering the world, and the indomitable spirit of the Vikings. Of course, The Bee opens up its hate mail for the week too. In the subscriber exclusive lounge on the third floor of The Babylon Bee Audio Yacht, subscribers are treated to the Bee’s classic article, subscriber headlines, love mail, bonus hate mail, and the rest of the interview with Arthur Herman!

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