THE BEE WEEKLY: Carolina Reaper Blazing Love Barrage and also Hunter Biden

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The Babylon Bee Logo  fiber_manual_record  Aug 22nd, 2021


This episode of The Bee Weekly is brought to you by Conservative Conversations by Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Enjoy in-depth conversations with leading thinkers on the most important issues facing conservatism. Kyle and Ethan attempt the One Chip Challenge and then sing to Em and her husband in Spanish, using a Worship Song Generator and Google Translate on a subscriber dare since they’ll do just about anything for money. The song is entitled Bombardeo de Amor Ardiente. They talk about the weird news of the week like what the Department of Homeland Security sees as a terror threat now, a bank robber who needs to pay for handwriting lessons, and a man who yeets himself over to Dairy Queen in a helicopter. Also they find out you shouldn’t bite snakes or play with handgun laser sights. The Mattel company failed to impress with its Tokyo Olympics Barbie lineup and apparently chugging a 2-liter of soda can land you with a world record. Kyle and Ethan then talk to documentary filmmaker Phelim McAleer about his new project, My Son Hunter. As usual, there is glorious hate mail and even more fun.

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