The Bee Weekly: Name That Christian Rock Music Lyric And Making Good Comics

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The Babylon Bee Logo  fiber_manual_record  Nov 20th, 2021


Kyle and Ethan are joined by artist and comic creator Brian E. Lau to Name That Christian Rock Music Lyric and to discuss the importance of telling good stories with high quality art. Christian Rock sometimes has some interesting lyrics. Let's see if The Babylon Bee guys can figure out which lyric is real or fake and also name the rock music group who wrote it. Brian brought Christmas to The Bee early with his bag of goodies like signed copies of Staunch Ambition and Inferno City Firehouse. If comic books with excellent art and stories worth telling are your kind of thing, be sure to check them out. Of course, there is the usual shenanigans at The Bee, like weird news, subscriber dares, and glorious, salty hate mail.

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