THE BEE WEEKLY: The Bee’s New Book and Remembering Norm Macdonald

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The Babylon Bee Logo  fiber_manual_record  Sep 18th, 2021


In this episode of The Bee Weekly, musician Chandler Juliet joins Kyle and Ethan to talk about what’s been going on at The Babylon Bee this week, The Babylon Bee’s new book that is available for pre-order now called The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness, and the saddest news ever about Norm Macdonald’s passing. In the subscriber-exclusive lounge, Adam Yenser joins in to discuss his memories of working with Norm Macdonald. Kyle, Ethan, and Chandler discuss the Bee’s ‘Banger of the Week’ and ‘Dud of the Week’ and then jump into weird news like a man considering veganism after what he finds in his McDonald’s sandwich, a trans MMA fighter dominating the women, and a cat is saved by the American flag. A rhino gets airlifted upside down, a man swallows his cell phone, and Florida man fills a pothole, but maybe creates another problem. The Babylon Bee has a new book: The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness, available, Ethan, and Chandler talk about all the cool stuff inside. Then they remember the great Norm Macdonald and all the ways he made us laugh. There’s plenty of hatemail too. Finally, the show moves where Kyle, Ethan, and Chandler are joined by Adam Yenser who actually worked with Norm Macdonald and has cool stories about him. There’s bonus hate mail, the subscriber-submitted headlines of the week, The Babylon Bee’s classic article of the week, and more.

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